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Hiya Folks

Haley Niesz (right) and Suzi Davison (left) hike. And by hiking, we mean we do our darndest to get going in the morning, not hungover, and walk up mountains and hills without tripping on our own feet. Sometimes we are successful but mostly never. We laugh at ourselves and occasionally at the people going up a muddy trail in white designer shoes. 

The amount of times we told each other that we should start a blog featuring our unique way of rating trails (s/o to the people doing the real trail reports, you the real MVPs) was piling up. We were especially hungover one non-hiking Sunday and bit the bullet. You may hate this or love this. We don't care. Our moms think we are funny and 30% of the time so do we. 

In the future we may feature other-than-outdoor adventures. But don't hold us to that because we would need to be 4x more social than we currently are and BABY STEPS.