Kamakaze Falls4.jpg

North Bend, WA

First spring hike did not disappoint:

  1. Awkward first dates following us up the mountain: 1. But really thats more than you could ever ask for.
  2. Falls Haley: 1 Suzi: 1 (let the record show we were almost completely coordinated!!!!)
  3. Silly jean wearers: 6 and there was a bonus bold woman in shorts. No one quite dressed for the weather.
  4. Unnecessary Gators: 4. There were zero places that anyone, even a toddler, would need gators.
  5. People with walkie talkies talking about their walkie talkies loud enough that a walkie talkie would never be necessary: 5

To go on this hike and get directions to the nicest trailhead we've ever parked in, look at WTA here.